How to use Pro-Set Epoxy

Pot Life and Shelf Life

Pot life and shelf life of PRO-SET epoxy

When choosing the most suitable PRO-SET® product for your project, the pot life and shelf life of each available epoxy should play a part in reaching the right decision.

Pot life

The resin/hardener combination you choose may be based on the length of its pot life. Pot life is the amount of time a given mass of mixed resin/hardener will remain in the liquid state at a specific temperature. It allows you to compare the relative rate of reaction or cure speed of various resin/hardener combinations.

To allow you to compare PRO-SET epoxies easily, we determine the pot life of each resin/hardener combination based on either a 100 or 500 g mixture stored in a standardised container, at a consistent temperature.  Pot life is not intended to directly correlate to actual working life or assembly time. Rather it indicates  the potential working time of the resin/hardener combination compared to other combinations. An epoxy mixture’s mass and temperature during the manufacturing or assembly process contribute to its actual working life.

Shelf life

Epoxy resin and hardener formulations have a long shelf life compared to many polymers. The minimum shelf life for the standard PRO-SET Infusion and Adhesive resins and hardeners is 2 years. We recommend storing them at a consistent temperature above 10°C for best results.