How to use Pro-Set Epoxy


Mixing PRO-SET epoxy

After dispensing the correct amounts of PRO-SET® resin and hardener for your application, it is important to mix the two thoroughly using the right equipment.

To ensure error-free results, simply follow these three steps when mixing PRO-SET resin and hardener.

1. Dispense the proper proportions of PRO-SET Resin and Hardener.
Each product should be metered into a clean plastic or paper mixing container. It is important to not use glass or foam containers because there is a risk of exothermic heat build-up. If you’re unfamiliar with the pot life or coverage of the epoxy you’re working with, you might like to try preparing a small test batch first.

2. Stir the two ingredients together thoroughly.
After thoroughly stirring in a mixing pot, the resin and hardener will blend to a uniform, homogeneous consistency. Scrape the sides, bottom and inside corners of the pot as you mix. If you use a power mixer, thoroughly scrape the sides and corners of the mixing pot while mixing. Take care to operate the mixer at a slow speed to avoid stirring air into the epoxy mixture.

3. Transfer the mixture to a roller pan, impregnator or other part.
Make the transfer immediately to maximise the available working time. If you are using additives, such as pigments and fillers, be sure to thoroughly stir them in too before transferring the mixture from the mixing pot.

Safety warning: heat is generated when epoxy cures

Heat is generated by the chemical reaction that cures epoxy. A plastic mixing cup full of mixed epoxy will generate enough heat to melt the cup, if left to stand for its full pot life.

If a pot of mixed epoxy begins to exotherm, or heat up, in an uncontrolled way, quickly move it outdoors or to a safe, well-ventilated area. Avoid inhaling the fumes. Do not dispose of any epoxy mixture until the reaction is complete and has cooled.