How to use Pro-Set Epoxy

Vacuum bag laminating

Vacuum bag laminating with PRO-SET epoxy

Vacuum bagging is an excellent clamping method for composite construction. It is a useful laminating technique for PRO-SET® epoxy users.

Vacuum bagging enables you to ensure even pressure on the laminate. This enables more control of the resin/fibre ratio and can result in a more dense laminate, with a higher fibre volume. Generally, the higher the vacuum pressure, the lower the resin content.

The optimum resin/fibre ratio for a particular component will be between 30% and 50%. A lower ratio will result in a lighter composite. A higher ratio will be heavier, yet yield higher moisture exclusion effectiveness. Various bleeder and absorber materials used in vacuum bag laminating can also influence the resin/fibre ratio.

We recommend that you build test panels to determine the proper vacuum bagging material schedule and vacuum pressure for a particular component.