How to use Pro-Set Epoxy

Wet lay-up process

Primary bonding for PRO-SET® epoxy

PRO-SET Laminating Epoxies are designed for the primary bonding of composite materials like fibreglass, carbon, aramid and various core materials. This wet lay-up process can also be used to bond fabrics.

Each resin/hardener combination will have a different viscosity. Before you start a wet lay-up, or primary bonding procedure, we recommend that you test a combination for its suitability.

Fabrics may be wet out by hand or by roller impregnating machines. If you would like to use a fabric with PRO-SET epoxies, make sure it is classified as epoxy-compatible. Avoid fabrics with styrene soluble binders or that are compatible only with styrenated resins. You may also like to test your impregnating machine with a fabric before starting the full procedure.