How to use WEST SYSTEM Epoxy

Customer support for WEST SYSTEM users

WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is a versatile product, suitable for a wide range of repair, maintenance and construction applications. Our online guide outlines basic and advanced epoxy techniques to help support your project. It provides guidance on many techniques from mixing ingredients to applying the final coat.

To achieve a high-strength epoxy solid, it is essential to measure the quantities of resin and hardener carefully and mix the components thoroughly together.

Three factors determine the open and cure time of an epoxy mix: the hardener cure speed, the temperature of the epoxy and the volume of the epoxy mixed.

Once you have correctly metered and mixed your epoxy resin and hardener, add fillers and additives to adapt the mixture for many more applications.

Whether you are bonding, fairing or applying fabrics, thorough surface preparation is key to the success of the application and end result.

After preparing the surfaces and mixing the epoxy, the vital bonding stage is where your project will really start to come together.

Screws and other threaded fasteners can be installed with WEST SYSTEM epoxy to dramatically improve the load carrying capacity of the fastener and, effectively, the strength of a joint.

Once you have assembled your components and bonded them together, it is time to apply a protective barrier coat to prepare the structure for final finishing.

The WEST SYSTEM range includes a number of reinforcing fabrics suitable for further strengthening and protecting the structure.

After major structural assembly has been completed, final fairing can be accomplished easily with WEST SYSTEM epoxy and low-density fillers.

Once the final coat has cured overnight, it is time to wash and abrade the surface to prepare for the final finish.

Add final finish coatings to your structure to provide UV protection, extra moisture resistance and more durability.

Epoxy can be used under cold weather conditions. However, a few special application techniques and simple precautions should be employed to ensure that the epoxy performs well in cold weather in the long-term.

Six10 is a WEST SYSTEM speciality epoxy that is sold in cartridges for easy ‘point and shoot’ convenience. It has its own unique handling characteristics users should be aware of.