Safety Guidance

Guidance for using epoxy safely

Working with epoxy can be highly rewarding, as well as safe. Serious health problems associated with epoxy use are uncommon. Most epoxy-related health problems are minor, but they can cause discomfort and diminish the rewards of working with it. Fortunately, these problems are preventable.

In this guide, we have presented the health and safety hazards of mishandling epoxies and related materials. We have also offered some common sense safety practices that will help prevent health problems and assure your long and productive use of epoxy.

We strongly recommend that you read through these pages as the more informed you are about the products you use, the safer your workshop will be.

All our WEST SYSTEM® and PRO-SET® products come with a technical manual that includes basic safety information. All of our product labels provide appropriate hazard warnings.

  • How to use WEST SYSTEM epoxy safely. Full guidance on safe clean-up and removal, fire and health hazards as well as tips for preventing overexposure.
  • How to use PRO-SET epoxy safely. Full guidance on reducing health risks, safe workshop practices and cleaning up spills.