Looking for a practical way to increase your epoxy skills and knowledge? Book onto our one-day seminars.

Wessex Resins and Adhesives hosts special events for those wanting to gain expert knowledge and hands-on experience of using WEST SYSTEM® epoxy to construct, repair and maintain their own boats, or work on other projects.

You’ll get expert tuition from our technical team who’ll take you through the unique experience of mixing as much epoxy as you like, as well as experimenting with the entire range of WEST SYSTEM fillers for bonding, gap filling, filleting and fairing.

During the day, you’ll build a wooden toolbox, practicing new skills, and then use epoxy and fibreglass fabrics to complete a sheathing exercise. Plus, you’ll be taken through top tips for common repairs.

When: TBC

Where: TBC

Cost: The one-day courses costs £185. This includes a light buffet lunch, over £80 of WEST SYSTEM epoxy and the wooden toolbox you’ll make on the day.

For more information call 01794 521111 or email:

The workshops feature a mixture of demonstrations, education and practical exercises, including:

  • The different uses of epoxy for building, repair and maintenance, including which products to use for different jobs
  • How to effectively mix and apply epoxy
  • How to complete basic repairs to a hull and deck
  • How to use fillers for bonding, gap filling, filleting and fairing
  • How to use WEST SYSTEM epoxy and fibreglass fabrics to complete a sheathing exercise
  • How to use epoxy safely, including key health and safety considerations

Plus, there’s an open forum at the end of the day to give you the opportunity to discuss your epoxy projects and specific questions with our team.