How to use Pro-Set Epoxy

Post Curing Heating Methods

Methods for heating post-cured PRO-SET epoxy

There are many different ways to heat post-cured PRO-SET® epoxy. But which is best for your components and workshop environment?

Post-cure heating techniques vary depending on the size of the component and mould, the number of components being built or on the resources available for space and equipment. If resources are available, a fully insulated oven with an electric or vented gas or oil heater provides the greatest control over post-cure variables.

Radiant heaters that generate long wave infrared radiation can be used to heat the component without the use of an enclosure. This post-cure technique is often used on large components, when space is limited or when a limited production does not justify the cost of an enclosure. Temperature is monitored by surface mounted thermometers and the heaters are repositioned over the component as necessary to provide an overall post-cure.

Warning: It is difficult to accurately control the rate of temperature change and maintain a uniform target temperature with radiant heating. This may result in laminate that does not have uniform physical properties. This technique may also result in more print-through of the laminate.