How to use Pro-Set Epoxy


Dispensing PRO-SET epoxy

Most problems related to curing of the epoxy can be traced to either inadequate mixing or the wrong ratio of resin and hardener. By measuring quantities of PRO-SET® Epoxy resin and hardener carefully, you can ensure you get the best, and most long-lasting results.

Combining PRO-SET Epoxy resin and hardener starts a chemical reaction that gradually changes the mixed ingredients from a liquid to a solid. Careful measuring and thorough mixing are essential for a complete reaction to occur.

To simplify the metering process, we recommend using calibrated pumps to dispense resin and hardener. The PRO-SET 307 High-Capacity Positive Displacement Pump is calibrated to dispense the proper working ratio for all the PRO-SET liquid resin and hardener combinations.

Before you use the first mixture on a project, it’s important to verify that the pumps are delivering the proper ratio. You’ll find some simple steps to check the ratio in the pump instruction manual. After the initial check, recheck the ratio periodically or anytime you experience problems with curing.

If you prefer to measure by weight or volume, you’ll find the information on the correct resin-to-hardener ratio on the hardener label.