Infusion Epoxies

PRO-SET® Infusion epoxies result in lightweight, high performance composites that will withstand long-term cyclic loading in the harshest environments.

PRO-SET Infusion epoxies are super-low viscosity systems with a range of hardeners to meet the demands of modern infusion processes. They develop excellent physical properties at room temperature and may be post-cured to further enhance performance.

A complete range of hardeners to complement the infusion resin

Hardeners may be blended for targeted cure time

Match the correct resin to your exact requirements

This guide compares the typical physical properties. These test specimens are cured at room temperature to gelation and at 82°C for eight hours, unless otherwise noted. Neat epoxy samples are used for testing.  These are typical values, not to be construed as specifications.

As of press time, TBD values are undergoing testing.
¹Average of properties for combinations with INF-210, INF-211, INF-212 and INF-213 Hardeners.
2Additional post cure may be required; contact us for details.
31 HZ, 3°C per minute

Match the correct hardener to your exact requirements

Downloadable technical datasheets

PRO-SET INF-114 with INF-210 Fast Cure Infusion Epoxy

PRO-SET INF-114 with INF-211 Medium Cure Infusion Epoxy

PRO-SET INF-114 with INF-212 Slow Cure Infusion Epoxy

PRO-SET INF-114 with INF-213 Extra Slow Cure Infusion Epoxy

PRO-SET INF-114 with INF-249-HT Medium Cure High Tg Infusion Epoxy TDS