Tooling Epoxy

PRO-SET® Tooling epoxy is a 2-part compound formulated for filling and fairing composite structures in manufacturing and repair applications.

The state-of-the-art chemistry behind PRO-SET Tooling epoxy mean that this epoxy system is labour-saving and very easy to use.  The results are always of the highest quality.

The PRO-SET TLG-625 Low-Density Fairing Putty:

  • blends quickly
  • spreads easily
  • shrinks minimally
  • cures within eight hours
  • can be applied in thicknesses up to 12 mm without slumping or sagging

The shear thinning characteristic provides excellent feather edge application. The cured compound is very easy to sand and the filler blend minimises airborne dust during sanding.

The PRO-SET tooling epoxy range

Combined Tooling Resin/Hardener selection

This guide compares the typical physical properties. Test specimens are cured at room temperature to gelation and 25°C for two weeks, unless otherwise noted. Neat epoxy samples are used for testing. These are typical values, not to be construed as specifications.

Downloadable technical datasheets

PRO-SET TLG-625 Low-Density Fairing Putty