PRO-SET Process Equipment


PRO-SET impregnators are designed with the custom fabricator or production shop in mind. They can be completely disassembled and are easy to clean. Epoxy is applied to the fabric as it passes through an epoxy bath, and adjustable nip rollers control the epoxy content in the laminate. Epoxy contents from 35% to 55% by weight are possible. The epoxy content control available with these impregnators will reduce resin waste, as well as speed up the laminating process. With the resin dams in place, even small tapes can be used with the large impregnators. Each model is designed to handle a range of fabric sizes and weights.


We have developed an easy to use fabric impregnator for the boat manufacturer and repair yard. These machines can save a tremendous amount of labour during the laminating process. The operator can easily control the throughput speed, and vary it as necessary to ensure wet out of the fabric. The impregnators have a pair of nip rollers that function like the rollers of a wringer washing machine. However, these rollers have an adjustable gap which allows a controlled amount of resin to stay on the reinforcing fabric. All of the machines have a resin bath tray below the rollers. The fabric can pass through a resin puddle in this tray, and then through the rollers.


For large laminating projects in which the impregnation of fabrics is almost continuous, a power driven roller impregnator is advantageous. This 1500mm electric machine significantly reduces costs and building time when impregnating woven, stitched or unidirectional fabrics. These impregnators offer extremely high accuracy and efficiency benefits.

These impregnators offer extremely high accuracy and efficiency benefits.