PRO-SET Process Equipment

Metering Equipment

The PRO-SET 308 and 318 Positive Displacement Pump will dispense all of the INF and LAM resins and hardeners accurately at 3:1 by volume. Each pump stroke will dispense properly metered epoxy at a rate of 3.8 litres/minute. The 308 resin reservoir will hold 7.6 litres and the hardener reservoir will hold 3.8 litres. The 318 pump is designed to be connected to PRO-SET barrels or IBC’s via chemical resistant hoses and plumbing fittings available at most hardware stores.

All PRO-SET INF and LAM resins and hardeners can also be batch measured and dispensed at a 3:1 volume ratio with larger dispensing systems. Consult the Technical Data Sheet to confirm the proper ratio by weight.