PRO-SET Process Equipment

Adhesive Dispensing Guns

We offer a range of adhesive dispensing guns suitable for use with PRO-SET® epoxy.

300-X Manual Dispensing Gun

The manually operated, two-component dispenser is used with PRO-SET Adhesive cartridge sets to apply adhesive quickly, cleanly and accurately. The handle and trigger are die cast aluminium and shaped for comfortable operation. A 26:1 mechanical advantage dispenses the high-viscosity adhesive with ease and the gun’s heavy-duty construction assures precise adhesive application and long operating life.

300-B Pneumatic Dispensing Gun

The air-powered, two-component dispenser is used with PRO-SET Adhesive cartridge sets to apply adhesive in larger assembly operations. The trigger controls 220 kg of thrust for easy and precise adhesive application. Power is supplied by a standard air compressor.



Static mixing wands attach to the adhesive set cartridges to thoroughly blend resin and hardener components as they are dispensed. The tip can be trimmed to apply the appropriate sized bead of adhesive mixture. One wand is supplied with each adhesive cartridge set. Additional wands are available.

Dispensing with 300-MW Mixing Wands

One mixing wand is supplied with each adhesive cartridge. Extra mixing wands are available in packs of 6.

Place the cartridge in the gun and ensure the two pistons are correctly seated against the centres of the seals within the cartridge. Remove the locknut and plugs from the cartridge spouts and position the mixing tube over the spouts and secure with the locknut. The cartridge is then ready to dispense the two epoxy components from the cartridge.

The resin and hardener homogenously mix together in the mixing tube and exude from the unit as a consistent coloured epoxy indicating that the two materials are discharged in the correct ratio and thoroughly blended. Dispense the adhesive as required.