Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum Bagging

Vacuum bagging is a clamping system used for laminating a wide range of fabrics, core materials and veneers. The WEST SYSTEM® 885 Vacuum Bagging Kit contains all the tools and accessories necessary for laminating projects on a small scale.

The vacuum bagging method is an effective alternative to conventional clamping. It is particularly well suited to repairs and composite construction. This is because the vacuum bagging technique uses atmospheric pressure to deliver firm, even clamping pressure over the entire surface area, regardless of the type or quantity of material being laminated. The technique is also useful for moulding composites into a wide range of functional shapes – simply laminate over simple moulds.

WEST SYSTEM 885 Vacuum Bagging Kit

If you are working on room temperature repairs and small laminating projects of up to 1.2m² in size, this complete starter kit contains all the tools and accessories you will need. It features a Venturi Vacuum Generator which delivers over 65kPa of vacuum (0.065MPa). The generator is designed to run off conventional shop air compressors to deliver at least 0.42MPa.

The WEST SYSTEM 885 Vacuum Bagging Kit includes:

  • Venturi Vacuum Generator with bronze muffler
  • 3x Vacuum Cups (6mm in diameter)
  • 3m Vacuum Tubing
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • 2x Junction ‘T’ Barbs
  • 1.4m² Release Fabric
  • 1.4m² Breather Fabric
  • 1.4m² Vacuum Bag Film
  • 7.5m Vacuum Bag Sealant
  • Instruction booklet (002-150 Vacuum Bagging Techniques)