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Estimation guides

How much epoxy will I need?

Estimating quantities is very important, but also quite tricky to do. Here are some tips for working out how much WEST SYSTEM® filler and hardener you may need for your epoxy boat repair.

If you’re unsure how much WEST SYSTEM filler or hardener you’ll actually use, these tables should provide some helpful guidance.

Coating coverage estimation guide for mixed WEST SYSTEM epoxy

The table shows roughly how much mixed epoxy is needed to coat an area of 1m² . Please note that the thickness of epoxy fairing mixes will be approximately 3mm.

Epoxy Mix

Mixed Weight Required to Coat 1 m²

at Room Temperature

105 Epoxy Resin® with 205 or 206


105 Epoxy Resin® with 207 or 209


105 Epoxy Resin® with 205 Hardener and
40% by weight of 407 Low-Density

1.8kg = 3mm thick layer

105 Epoxy Resin® with 205 Hardener and
16% by weight of 410 Microlight

1.5kg = 3mm thick layer

Filler estimation guide

This table shows how much filler, by weight, must be added to mixed epoxy to produce a ‘Ketchup’, ‘Mayonnaise’ or ‘Peanut Butter’ consistency. Learn more about what these consistencies are and what they can be used for here.

Ketchup Mayonnaise Peanut Butter
402 Milled Glass Fibre Blend n/a n/a 25-30%
403 Microfibres Adhesive Filler 4% 7% 16%
404 High-Density Filler 35% 45% 60%
405 Filleting Blend 15% 20% 25%
406 Colloidal Silica 3% 5% 8%
407 Low-Density Filer 20% 30% 35-40%
409 Microsphere Blend 11% 16% 15-30%
410 Microlight® 7% 13% 16%