Find the right product

Find the right product

Identify the WEST SYSTEM products best suit your needs

The WEST SYSTEM® product range includes epoxy and also many accessories for all manner of applications for both large and small-scale projects. The following guidance will help epoxy users identify which combination of products is best suited to their needs.

Starting with WEST SYSTEM 105 Epoxy Resin®, build your own epoxy system using WEST SYSTEM hardeners, fillers and additives.

Whether you are looking for a fire-resistant additive, a filler for fairing or a hardener that gives a natural wood finish, you will identify which WEST SYSTEM product is suitable here.

Estimating quantities is very important, but also quite tricky to do. Here are some tips for working out how much WEST SYSTEM filler and hardener you may need.

The WEST SYSTEM range includes various pack sizes to suit both small and large scale projects. Examine the available packs for resin and hardener mixes at a glance.

In addition to the epoxy resin and choice of hardeners, there are hundreds of WEST SYSTEM accessories to choose from. Compare every product in this exhaustive list to decide which is best for you.

Compare key data for mixes of WEST SYSTEM resin/hardener as well as the Six10® and G/flex® speciality epoxies to identify which will best suit your workshop environment and project specifications.