Princess Yachts International makes strategic decision to use PRO-SET epoxy for teak decking

Princess Yachts International has made a strategic decision to use PRO-SET epoxy for its teak decking requirements across all product lines, as outlined in a new case study by West System International (WSI).

The luxury yacht builder offers an industry-leading product line, including a range of flybridge yachts, S Class sportbridge yachts, V Class sports yachts and M Class super yachts. To meet its customers’ very high expectations the decks on these yachts must be highly resilient to water and temperature fluctuations, as well as being visually exquisite.

According to Shaun Davy, Composites Engineering Manager at Princess Yachts International, PRO-SET epoxy offers the ideal blend of durability and beauty for yachts that must endure unpredictable conditions at sea. “Our yachts travel all over the world, which means hulls are subjected to an ambient temperature of anywhere between -20°C to +40°C and the surfaces of our teak decks can go from cold to 60°C in a single morning.

“We need a bonding solution we can trust and for us that’s PRO-SET epoxy products,” said Davy. “We can deliver the flawless finish our customers expect and we can be sure that decks will provide the longest possible service, even in the harshest marine conditions.”

Princess Yachts International uses PRO-SET products to bond decks on 300 yachts per year. Davy and the team have tested many products but they believe that PRO-SET ADV-170 Adhesive offers “perfect results first time, so there’s no risk that expensive teak will ever be ruined.”

Davy also believes that PRO-SET products make yacht construction more efficient, stating that “Because we can speed up deck bonding with PRO-SET products, we can minimise production times and costs of our yachts.”

The case study details a range of benefits that Princess Yachts International enjoys by using PRO-SET epoxy for its decks; namely its durability, fast application, ease of use and resilience to temperature when applied. It also explains how innovative vacuum bagging techniques deliver a consistently flawless finish.

To read the case study in full, click here.



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