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The versatility and durability of the WEST SYSTEM® and PRO-SET® product ranges attracts a variety of clients: from large, professional boat builders to wind turbine manufacturers to individual hobbyists working on small-scale boat projects. 

With clients across the world, West System International has developed a broad distribution network to make our products as widely available as possible. 

Our technical knowledge and in-depth support is what makes WSI stand out. We want our clients get the best results from our products so offer expert advice and testing to help with a wide range of epoxy solutions.


Sunseeker International

Read our case study about the partnership between Sunseeker International and WSI - and why the leading yacht manufacturer uses PRO-SET ADV-170 Adhesive and vacuum bagging to achieve a perfect finish on all its teak decking.

View this case study 


Princess Yachts International

For Princess Yachts International customers, nothing but the best will do. Which is why the company is using PRO-SET epoxy to install its stunning teak decks. Our case study discovers how Princess Yachts International uses innovative vacuum consolidation techniques and PRO-SET epoxy to install and impress.

View this case study


Spirit Yachts

For Spirit Yachts, boat building is a fine art. To deliver on its vision for sailing perfection, Spirit Yachts uses the very finest materials in conjunction with modern epoxy construction techniques. This case study looks at why Spirit Yachts trusts WEST SYSTEM epoxy for a wide range of build applications, from bonding and strip-planking to fibreglass sheathing.

View this case study


Fairlie Yachts

To build its range of exclusive classic yachts, Fairlie Yachts uses only the finest materials and modern construction techniques. Learn why Fairlie Yachts uses WEST SYSTEM products for bonding, strip-planking and hull laminating to help achieve a flawless finish.

View this case study


Walsteds Boatyard

With a long and rich heritage, Walsteds Boatyard of Denmark are trusted by their customers to keep their boats in top condition. That’s why they use WEST SYSTEM epoxy for multiple applications, including filling, fairing and coating.

View this case study


James Wharram Designs

Ever since James Wharram built the first off-shore Catamaran in Britain and successfully sailed it across the Atlantic and back, his designs have been synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Since the 1980s, James Wharram Designs has trusted WEST SYSTEM epoxy for its ever-popular self-build kits. Find out why.

View this case study


Lütje Yachts

For 25 years, Lütje Yachts has used WEST SYSTEM and PRO-SET epoxies for its new builds and restoration and repair projects. They help Lütje Yachts achieve the highest quality standards, which is why it is now recognised as one of Germany's finest boatyard.

View this case study

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