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WEST SYSTEM 736-739 Biaxial Fabric

Episize Biaxial Fabric is ideal for composites, repairs and reinforcing. It is made from non-woven E-glass fabric, where two layers are held together at a ±45° fibre orientation by a light stitching. When wetting-out this fabric by hand, the result is a high fibre-to-resin ratio.

  • 736 – 300g/m² ±45° Biaxial Glass Fabric 1265mm wide
  • 738 – 600g/m² ±45° Biaxial Glass Fabric 1250mm wide
  • 739 – 450g/m² ±45° Biaxial Glass Fabric 1250mm wide
  • All the above are available in 5m, 10m, 25m and 50m lengths

300g Biaxial



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Application methods
WEST SYSTEM tapes and fabrics can be applied using two methods: ‘wet’ and ‘dry’. The ‘wet’ method refers to applying the cloth to an epoxy-coated surface before the coating reaches final cure. The ‘dry’ method refers to applying the cloth over a dry surface and then impregnate the glass with epoxy. To find out more about both methods, click here.

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