PRO-SET laminating epoxy systems achieve Lloyd’s Register certification

West System International has announced that its PRO-SET® laminating epoxy systems have received certification from Lloyd’s Register. The certification provides international recognition of the high standard of the epoxy systems and their suitability for marine construction.

Gaining Lloyd’s certification is important for marine products as it is widely used as a selection benchmark by designers and engineers across the industry.

Ian Oliver, Managing Director of Wessex Resins and Adhesives, says: “The certification service provided by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance ensures products maintain international safety, environmental and operational standards. We are, therefore, naturally delighted that the PRO-SET laminating epoxy system has been approved by Lloyd’s Register.”

The Lloyd’s Register certification has been gained for PRO-SET LAM epoxies 125/224/226/229 and 237. The range has recently been reformulated and expanded to better meet the demands of modern composite manufacturing.



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